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Guess what happens when an immune compromised child goes to kindergarten and is popular? He gets to share germs with everyone and ends up staying at home sick for a lot of time, barely a few weeks into school. As a result, games have been put on hold for the most part. We’ve wanted to play, but it just hasn’t been possible because I have a sweet boy that wants to be attached to me to feel better. After two long weeks in the hospital, we’ve managed to get a medical leave secured for him until April, so hopefully we will be able to play again.

Astronomy FluxxThe other day, we were able to play a couple of rounds of Astronomy Fluxx by Looney Labs. I was familiar with how Fluxx games play, as we also have Monty Python Fluxx. The game starts out with no rules, aside from draw one card, play one card. At the beginning there also isn’t a way to win either, that comes along later. To have a way to win, you have the components listed on the GOAL card that is in the center of the playing area. The components are called KEEPERS. Along the way, you play more RULE cards and ACTION cards. Sometimes you could have an amazing hand of cards, but because of a played rule or action you have to discard the cards, even if they could’ve won you the game. All of the cards are mixed together, so it is a little luck of the draw at the beginning, especially if the cards haven’t been shuffled all that well.

I was afraid that T would have issues with the changing rules, but he did great! One of the actions requires the date/dates of a goal card to be hidden and then the person is required to guess the year it happened. I loved that he willingly played that action and was trying to figure out when exactly the events occurred.

After a few rounds of Fluxx, we moved on to Ugly Doll Loonacy, also by Looney Labs. I’ve had this one for awhile, but it just hadn’t made it out to the table. The object of the game is to be the first to go out of cards by matching characters from your hand with the ones on the table. Seems easy enough, right?! The game gets crazy when trying to match cards. We laughed while we were playing, and in the evening we had to bring the fun to dad (also known as Halo42).

A really cool feature that Looney Labs offers is customized Loonacy decks. There are some already made decks you can purchase and have printed, or you can make up your own. Mr. T has already decided he wants to make his own deck with his version of Pokémon. He’s been busy drawing and preparing to get them ready. I’m looking forward to getting them all together and playing our own game!

We have been playing other games, so there will be new posts and reviews to come. Stay warm and healthy!