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Truck tells us why we shouldn’t panic

The following is a review written entirely by Truck. I have been working on getting him excited about writing and having some responsibility with our website, since his ultimate goal in life is to become a YouTuber. The post is all by him, grammar, opinions, colors, etc.

Hi i’m truck wey truck you might ask?Well it was a joke from when I was born they said they were going to name me truck that is not my real name.

Anywho my review on castle panic..

First things first the cons.

It takes a looooonnngg time to play.

The bad guys are not 3d.

There are no teams like what if i want to be an Orc.

Very complicated rules.

Now the pros.

It is a fun game.

The way you KILL things feels right.

The way you protect your castle is cool.

     From me to you yours truly truck.

Ps I am the son of ScrappyChiq

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