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Mapmaking can be fun!

"Mapmaker, Mapmaker find me a find, map me a map" Ok. That's not how the song goes, but it sounds good! This summer I was able to attend GenCon virtually. It was a different experience, but I enjoyed it: no crowds, no traffic, no insane heat outside when finding something to eat. One of the… Continue reading Mapmaking can be fun!

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It’s been one week…

It's been a week of rain, reading instructions, rain, letting the dust settle, more rain and learning a new AR game. So far T has played Haba's Animal Upon Animal: Crest Climbers a few times alone. It's a great solo game, offering spacial skills as well as fine motor skills for balancing.  He didn't necessarily… Continue reading It’s been one week…

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Convention Envy

This week in Indianapolis, thousands of board game players, designers and publishers are gathering for the annual Gen Con. I won't lie. I want to be there even though I cannot stand crowds. There are so many new games on the brink of coming out, or just came out, that I'd love to see them… Continue reading Convention Envy