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Truck tells us why we shouldn’t panic

The following is a review written entirely by Truck. I have been working on getting him excited about writing and having some responsibility with our website, since his ultimate goal in life is to become a YouTuber. The post is all by him, grammar, opinions, colors, etc. Hi i’m truck wey truck you might ask?Well… Continue reading Truck tells us why we shouldn’t panic

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Back to School is here! (A little late!)

I seriously thought this posted in August. I was wrong. I apologize. Please read this and pretend it’s August. So last week school started. For N, T has some kind of schoolwork pretty much daily all year. (Ask him how he feels about it. I dare you!) N was able to ride on a big… Continue reading Back to School is here! (A little late!)

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It’s been one week…

It's been a week of rain, reading instructions, rain, letting the dust settle, more rain and learning a new AR game. So far T has played Haba's Animal Upon Animal: Crest Climbers a few times alone. It's a great solo game, offering spacial skills as well as fine motor skills for balancing.  He didn't necessarily… Continue reading It’s been one week…