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img_3870So lately we’ve been in a creative, story creating mood. I was given the opportunity to try a new game that is currently being offered on Kickstarter called Carrot and Stick. This game has created quite a few new tales and adventures. There are set instructions for playing the game with three or more people, but I’ll be honest: we made up our own.


We started with two character cards, a location card, and then three word cards. Truck still isn’t reading well (he’s making progress, but not quite to this level yet,) so we played with our hands showing. Not that it mattered-we were just making up fun stories anyway. Our stories were quite silly, but the sillier they got, the better! I absolutely love that we can play a game and have fun and learn at the same time. (Creative writing and story creation, anyone?)


img_1040I absolutely adore the art on the cards. We were fortunate to receive some custom artwork of our family. It adds a bit more to the game when “Terminator T” is on the adventure! If you back the game on Kickstarter, one of the levels includes receiving custom cards. Truck really wanted me to change our pledge to that level to get more custom characters.


One of the stretch goals is a 2 player set of rules-I’m really looking forward to receiving them and playing yet another way!  The Kickstarter campaign will be ending really soon, so be sure to check it out!


A special thank you to Matthew and Petya from Mindpipe games for the game and the opportunity to review!



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